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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for a business, not an individual

This chapter of the US bankruptcy laws is especially designed for businesses. Individuals, in most cases, would not consider chapter 11 but would look instead to chapters 7 and 13 for debt relief. Chapter 11 helps a business rehabilitate its credit and address too much debt. Filing chapter 11 bankruptcy permits the business debtor have a contract with its creditors and lenders under which the business continues its operations but the revenue generated by the business, especially the profit is used to service its loans and debts. The purpose is for the business to reduce its debt so it can survive and continue to be ongoing.

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Being Eligible For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy requires:

A person can qualify for chapter 11 bankruptcy filings if the following qualifications are met.

Details Of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization Include

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  1. According to chapter 11 bankruptcy law, after initiation of bankruptcy case, the plan of reorganization may be submitted within a period of 120 days.
  2. Restructuring of debts is the main purpose of any reorganization plan and tangible assets secure the reorganization plan.
  3. According to most chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plans, the majority of the unsecured creditors get less than what they have claimed.
  4. The bankruptcy court's confirmation of the reorganization plan is needed.

For obtaining the confirmation of chapter 11 reorganization plan there are three steps.

  1. The debtor develops the reorganization plan
  2. The debtor seeks the creditor's acceptance of the plan
  3. There’s a confirmation hearing

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