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Medical Bills Bankruptcy Solutions

What is Medical Bankruptcy?

Medical Bill Bankruptcy HelpIn a broad sense, medical bankruptcy can be understood as a legal protection availed against debts arising out of medical treatment, hospitalization expenditure, medication costs, and nursing as well as physiotherapy charges. Medical debt may be able to be easily discharged by filing a bankruptcy. Some of the major causes of medical bankruptcy are:

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Medical debt and filing for medical bankruptcy

As per the year 2005 study conducted by the Harvard University, it was found that:

Medical debts are unsecured debts, so there's no collateral available, which the creditors can repossess. However, the medical debt can be tied to collateral, and the insurance company may be able to garnish your wages, or claim a part of equity in a home, in case a bankruptcy filing protection is not availed.

Medical Bankruptcy and Chapter 7

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The Chapter 7 bankruptcy is fundamentally designed to eliminate any or all unsecured debts. Unsecured debt consists of debt relating to:

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